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What is htop ? htop is a Linux tool divided into three section ( CPU and Memory usage information, Load Average Uptime and View of Processes) which allows real time monitoring of the processes. It was created to replace the ‘top’ command line unix utility and it is much easier to use for simple and normal tasks. Figure 1 shows htop running on my ubuntu machine. Identifying which process is slowing down your computer is an easy task in htop.
It shows your usage per cpu and very detailed information about each process.
htop does not come installed by default in Linux distributions but installation is as simple as apt-get command. Run
sudo apt-get install htop
yum -y install htop
in your terminal After the installation is finished to run htop type
command in a terminal windows and press enter.
The CPU and Memory section located on the top left gives information about the number of cpu cores with a progress bar in different colors.
This progress bar represents the load of cpu cores. Different colors stand for different things , for example the green color of progress bars in Figure means normal processes.
Up and down arrow keys help you to select a process while left and right allow you to scroll horizontaly.
How do you kill a process ? To kill a process with htop you don’t need the pid, just use the up/down arrow keys to select the process you want to kills and press F9.
Press Enter to send the ‘killing signal’ or Esc to Cancel. To change the display color press F2 to enter setup and go to colors using arrow keys or mouse.

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