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For MySQL optimization, we recommend
mysqlmymonlite.sh (http://mysqlmymon.com/)

Mysqlmymonlite.sh is a MySQL optimization tool which supports the following operating systems:

  • CentOS WHM/Cpanel
  • CentOS
  • Debian 6.x systems
How to use mysqlmymonlite.sh ?

You'll need ssh telnet and root user access. Read the included zip file's readme.txt file carefully. From v0.4.0 onwards, there's 2 ways to configure your settings. Either by editing mysqlmymonlite.sh itself or the included config.ini to enter MySQL server's my.cnf location, root username and password details:


Upload mysqlmymonlite.sh (and if needed the optional config.ini) to server i.e. /root/mysqlmymonlite.sh (and /root/config.ini if needed)

Type the following in SSH2 telnet as root user:
cd /root
chmod +x mysqlmymonlite.sh

To run the script, use the run command below which will save stats to text file named mysqlmymonlite_stats.txt:
cd /root
./mysqlmymonlite.sh run 2>/dev/null > mysqlmymonlite_stats.txt

How to install and use mysqlmymonlite.sh video - best viewed in full screen HD mode.

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