Security Advisory - ZPANEL

  • 3rd May 2014
Hello,In the past few weeks we are observing a massive amount of servers running ZPANEL to be compromised.This leads us to believe the said control panel is not secure, and you should not be using it at the time being, at least until the developers find a solution for it.If your server is running ZPANEL, please login to it via SSH and run the ...
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SSD Powered VPS servers

  • 15th October 2013
A couple months ago we introduced Enterprise packages utilizing KVM virtualization and they have been recieved great by our customers.Today we are extanding our service line up even further by adding SSD powered VPS servers.These packages are using OpenVZ virtualization and support the following features: -15x the performance of a spinning ...
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Enterprise lineup now available

  • 11th August 2013
We at are constantly working to bring better service and more variety at low cost for our customers.We are happy to announce that today we are releasing our Enterprise level VPS packages.These packages are using KVM virtualization and support the following features:- Client is able to install and/or modify the kernel of their server ...
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Free DNS Management

  • 11th January 2013
We are happy to announce a new freebie for our customers - Free DNS Management.Free DNS Management allows you to control your domain names from your billing area, without you having to install, configure and manage your own dns server.Our simple interface will allow you to add, modify and delete your domians with just a few clicks.All you need to ...
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