Reboot DFW Node (Completed)

An unplanned restart was performed for one of our DFW nodes due to a DOS type event. VMs are starting normally and should all be back online within 30-60 minutes.

18 דצמבר 2018
Reboot - DFW node [Completed]

We wil be rebooting one of our DFW nodes tonight to apply urgently needed updates and performance fixes. Total downtime should be less than 1 hour.

update - reboot complete, VPS are starting now and should be back online shortly

14 דצמבר 2018
Performance upgrades - USA

We will be performing system performance upgrades tonight on several nodes, VPS hosted on the node will show as offline between 12am CST and 1am CST. (though they may come back online sooner than 1 am)

Total expected downtime for clients affected is less than 1hour.

5 דצמבר 2018